Quarantine Diaries

Well, it finally happened. I came into contact with someone who tested positive, and now I am stuck in quarantine to make sure I can come home for Thanksgiving! I’m incredibly lucky to be a Tulane student right now, because I was able to begin my quarantine the moment I found out that I’d been in contact with someone. Also, Tulane has been putting quarantiners up in the Hyatt hotel and feeding them through their whole stay. I figured I might as well take advantage of this fact, so I’m writing this from my hotel room, waiting for my lunch to arrive! To answer some of the questions that I’m sure are coming:

Have you tested positive? No, but they do wait about 4-5 days into your quarantine to test you. I’m getting tested tomorrow, but I’m feeling fine so I don’t think I’ll test positive.

How long are you in quarantine? I came into contact with my friend who tested positive on Monday, so I will be out on Monday the 23rd.

Is it free to stay in the Hyatt with Tulane? Well, free in the same way that anything else in college is “free”. Nothing is directly coming out of my pocket, but my student loans would argue that this is not free.

How have you been passing the time? I’ve probably used facetime more in the last couple days than in my entire life, I’ve been catching up on all the shows I’ve said I’d catch up on, I almost finished the cross stitch project that I started in July (yikes, I know), and I’ve been incredibly lucky that my bosses have found remote work for me to do. Oh, I’ve also been working on finishing up homework for the semester, but that’s not really the fun answer.

Is the food good? Oh my goodness, I cannot get over the food here. I’m probably eating better now than I have been all year. I’ve tried to take some pictures, but nothing has done the meals justice, honestly. Last night, my meal was a shrimp and octopus stir fry, for reference though.

I think those are the big questions, but feel free to ask me anything else. If anyone has recommendations on some shows or movies to watch, please, send them my way! I have over a week left, so I’m sure there’s still plenty of time for me to go stir crazy.

On a more serious note, I want to encourage everyone to take this just a little bit more seriously. Things are getting progressively worse, and it seems like people are getting progressively lax about things. Things will never “go back to normal” if we don’t first drastically change how we are doing things. So, please, wear your masks, stay home, wash your hands, and do what you can to keep other people safe!

Stay tuned for more updates (there will probably be a few while I’m bored in quarantine),

xoxo, second sister suzie

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