Thanksgiving Travels

I kind of feel like I say this on every post, but I know I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit lately. We’re getting into finals season, and things have just been crazy, so I haven’t had much time to focus on writing for fun. I went home for Thanksgiving break, though, so that gave me some material to write about. I could talk about how great it was to finally go back home after so long, or how much I love spending quality time with my family, but I think a funny post about my absolute shit-show of a day getting back to New Orleans would be more interesting for everyone to read.

Thankfully, my dad decided that we should get a hotel room the night before my flight, so we wouldn’t have to leave at 3am to get to the airport on time. This way I only had to get up at 5:30am to get there, so that was better (marginally). When I got to the airport, the only airline that had a line for checking in was the one that I was taking, of course, and the line stretched way beyond the corralled line area. Just to get my bag checked took almost 30 minutes, and then security took another 45. I was barely able to make it to my gate in time for boarding, which started at 7:15. I boarded at about 7:30, which was surprising given how long everything else was taking. And then I sat on the place, which was supposed to leave at 8, for 3 hours. We didn’t move until we went to take off, and then we started speeding up for takeoff and promptly slowed back down and went back to the gate.

Once we got back to the gate, they informed us that they’d have to have maintenance come on the plane to look at an issue. So at about 10:30, we deplaned and sat at the gate area once again. It was at this point that I finally decided to get some food, because clearly this wasn’t going to be a quick fix. We finally boarded the plane again at about 11:30, which was the time we were supposed to land in New Orleans. I had to frantically call friends before the flight took off, because my friend who was going to pick me up had a class and would no longer be able to make it. Luckily I had a friend who was willing to come get me when I landed around 2:30 (thanks, Cali). The icing on the cake of this day was getting to the baggage claim and watching all of the elderly people from my flight attempt to grab their suitcases, only to end up causing a traffic jam and knocking a bunch of luggage off. And only then did the realize they’d grabbed the wrong bag in the first place.

So, as excited as I am for finals to be over and to head back home to my sisters (only one more week! yay!) I’m definitely not excited to be going back to the airport.

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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