Travel Series: The End

Wow, this trip really flew by. For our last day of the trip, we made our way back to Athens for a farewell dinner, and then went straight to bed for the long upcoming days of traveling. It was bittersweet; we were all exhausted after 35 days of travel, but no one was quite ready to go back to working and being actual adults.

We got all dressed up for our farewell dinner and had a great final meal together. The food was spectacular. I think Greece was my favorite place for food, which surprised me a little bit, but I’m a big meat eater and most of the other places we went didn’t have much for meat. The restaurant had a gorgeous view of the Acropolis, and we spent our dinner reminiscing on all of the crazy things we’d done throughout the past month. Our tour guide (bless that wonderful man) gave us all a cute little tote bag with some photos in it, to remember the trip by. After dinner, we went back to the hotel to pack everything up and get some sleep. Jess and Sarah had to take the earlier shuttle to the airport, so I had a little more time to sleep, but it was sad to wake up to them being gone.

I made it out of Greece pretty easily. I flew straight from Athens to Montreal, and the flight was pretty uneventful, aside from being super long. I went through customs in Montreal, so it made my life much easier when I got back to the US. Boy oh boy was getting back to the US an issue though. I was supposed to go Athens-Montreal-Chicago-Sioux Falls. My flight in Montreal got delayed though, so I was missing my connection in Chicago. Making all of this more difficult was the fact that I needed to go up to Duluth, MN, for my sister’s bachelorette party the next day. Eventually, the airline switched some things around and I ended up getting on a flight from Chicago to Minneapolis, where I stayed with a friend for the night before driving up to Duluth to meet my sister! The whole process was a bit of a mess, but I made it through. I ended up spending over 24 hours traveling, and I didn’t really sleep on my long flight to Montreal, so the exhaustion was very real. In this process, I also had the opportunity to fly on one of the smallest planes I’ve ever been in. I was in both a window and an aisle seat, which was actually really nice, and for my short flight from Chicago to Minneapolis, I got upgraded to a better seat, so it ended up working out okay. I was just afraid I’d miss my sister’s bachelorette party, but I made it. (Although I did spend a lot of it asleep).

Overall, this trip was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I’m so glad that I took the leap and decided to go as a solo traveller. I made some amazing friends, saw some amazing sights, and ate some amazing food. If anyone is thinking about taking a trip like this, I definitely recommend it! I can’t wait for my next adventure, the only question is where on Earth will I be going?

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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