Travel Series: Mykonos

Oh, Mykonos. You really kicked my ass. I thought Ibiza was the party island, but Mykonos proved that one to be wrong. This was our last “real” stop on the trip, so everyone was ready to let loose and have a great time, and Mykonos was sure to offer us the best time possible.

Our first night on the island, we went to Paradise Beach Club, which is known for its wild parties. Since we were coming with a group, the club gave us two for one drink specials, and these drinks really didn’t taste like they had alcohol in them at all. We all did plenty of drinking and dancing, and to be honest, most of that night is a blur, but damn was it fun. After dancing for most of the night, a bunch of us ended up hanging out on the beach until it was time for us to leave. We headed back to our hotel, which had gorgeous views of the sea, and called it a night.

Our next day was devoted to relaxing and exploring the island. We spent most of our time nursing our hangovers on the beach across from our hotel, getting completely fried one last time in the process. After lounging in the sun all day, we made our way into the city for one last historical tour. We saw the iconic windmills of Mykonos, along with the Paraportiani Orthodox Church, which has also become somewhat of an icon of the island.

After exploring the city, we got together for a group dinner at a gorgeous restaurant. The food was amazing–although the atmosphere may have one-upped the food. It was nice to spend time with the whole group, given that our trip was quickly coming to an end. We ended up going to a bar, but I was not in the mood for drinking, so I ended up leaving pretty quickly with Jess and a few others.

When we got back to the hotel, one of the girls from our trip called both me and Jess. It was odd; we were friends, but we were all just going to bed, so what could she possibly want? Once we got ahold of her, we found that she was calling because one of the cats that lived at the hotel had snuck into her room, and she knew that I loved cats, so she needed my help getting the kitty out. It was an odd adventure, but I’m glad that everyone on the trip will always remember me as the crazy cat lady 🙂

The kitty I had to lure out of my friend’s room

Mykonos was the last official stop on our trip, but we headed back to Athens for our flights home and a farewell dinner to finish out the trip of a lifetime.

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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