Travel Series: Athens

Okay, maybe I was just clueless prior to my trip, but I had absolutely no idea how massive Athens is. This is one of the largest cities I’ve ever been in, aside from a few cities also featured on this trip (i.e. Rome, Barcelona). For some reason the ancient picture of Athens that I had in my head just didn’t include a metro area of almost 4 million people. So, if you’re clueless like me, here’s your fair warning! This city is huge, but I loved it.

We took a short plane ride from Rome over to Athens. The trip should have been uneventful, but I ended up losing a wheel of my suitcase on the way to the airport. The suitcase made it through a month-long trip (and many other, shorter trips) with my sister, and almost survived through my month-long excursion, but no such luck. I ended up pulling the suit case with it turned on its side for the rest of the trip which was… not ideal, but could have been worse, I suppose.

We made it to our hotel in Athens sometime that evening and got ourselves settled in before heading to dinner. We ate at a restaurant that had a view of the Parthenon, and I got to experience the kitty magic that is Greece (seriously, within about an hour I had seen 12+ cats, it was amazing). We were all pretty tired from the day of travel, so we only stayed out for a few drinks before heading back to the hotel.

Our next day was filled with history. We hiked up the acropolis and saw the Parthenon up close, which was sort of surreal. It felt like everything was frozen in time, thousands of years ago. After our historical tour of the city, we had some free time to do a little shopping. We decided to take advantage of some of the oddities of the city and got fish pedicures. You know, the ones where you put your feet in a tub of tiny fish and they eat all the dead skin off of you. It was one of the strangest feelings, but once you got past how much it tickled, it was pretty soothing. After pedicures, Jess, Sarah, and I got dinner at a little restaurant that served the BEST food. It was super cheap and absolutely delicious. I think that might’ve been my favorite food on the whole trip.

After dinner, we met up with our group to watch the sunset from Mt. Lycabettus. We took a tram up most of the way, but we had to take quite the hike to get to the tram in the first place. The workout was worth it, though. The view from the top was unlike any other.


Athens was a pretty amazing, albeit short, stop on this trip. We went back to bed right after the sunset, because we had an early ferry to catch the next morning.

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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