Travel Series: Montalcino

This was one of my absolute favorite stops of the trip. We left our hotel in Chianciano Terme and drove for a bit, passing the house that served as the setting for a scene in the movie Gladiator, which was a pretty cool experience, and then we headed into the town of Montalcino for some coffee and pastries for breakfast.


Upon leaving breakfast, the real fun began. We made our way to Il Casato Prime Donne, a gorgeous winery in the Tuscany countryside. The best part of this winery? It’s run entirely by women. This is an industry that’s incredibly male-dominated, and Donatella Cinelli Colombini has made it her goal to fight that. It was really interesting to see this type of female empowerment up close and personal, as we had a personal tour of the winery (given by a woman, obviously). Not only does this winery employ women, but they also give the Casato Prime Donne International Award to a woman that embodies their mission of female empowerment. It was such a cool experience to learn about the mission of this winery while learning the processes they go through to actually make their wines.


Finally, it was time for the best part of this winery tour: actually tasting the wines! If you’ve ever tasted a Brunello, it has come from this tiny region of Italy, quite possibly from this winery! I’m not a huge fan of red wines in general, but I really enjoyed these wines, although their backstory may have had some impact on my opinion of them. It was great to sit and sip on these wines with all of my new friends from the trip. We were also promised a small lunch, which ended up being plenty of food to hold us over until dinner time.


Our time at the winery was the perfect end to our time in the Tuscany region. It set us up for a great night out dancing and drinking (with some beautiful Italian boys, heh) before making our way down to Rome the next day.

Stay tuned for more updates!

xoxo, second sister suzie

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