Travel Series: Chianciano Terme

This was another stop in a city that I loved on my last trip to Italy. We made a pit stop in Pisa on our way to our hotel in Chianciano Terme. Even though all of the photos in this post will be of Pisa, I’m naming it after Chianciano Terme, since I already have a Travel Series: Pisa post from my last time in Italy.

We spent a few hour exploring Pisa, and we had a great tour guide to show us around. Even though I’ve seen it before, the leaning tower is still quite spectacular, and the Cathedral is still just as beautiful. It’s a little eerie to see the relic in this cathedral, since it’s an entire body. Personally, I find all relics to be pretty eerie, if we’re being honest.

After our stop in Pisa, we made our way to our gorgeous hotel in Chianciano Terme, which is a little town about an hour outside of Florence. We spent some time hanging out at the rooftop pool of the hotel before leaving for a quick dinner, then it was straight to bed before our long day in Florence the next day.

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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