Travel Series: Seville

Goodbye, Portugal, and hello, Spain! This is another two day post because I was so caught up in the beauty of Seville that I forgot to actually write the blog post. I have a feeling I’ll be saying this a lot, but I think Seville took its place as my new favorite city of this trip. Let the recap begin!

June 26th

We said goodbye to Lagos and got on the bus for Seville pretty early on Wednesday morning. The ride itself was pretty uneventful. We stopped for lunch just outside Seville, shortly after passing into our new timezone. For those of you wondering, I’m now 7 hours ahead of home. The lunch outside Seville was… not the best food we’ve had on the trip, but it wasn’t bad! It’s okay though, because Seville redeemed itself later. Our hotel in Seville was located near las setas aka the mushrooms. The mushrooms are essentially just a lookout point, made out of a structure that looks like–you guessed it–mushrooms!


Once we got ourselves settled into our hotel, we headed out toward the city center. My roommate, Jess, had been having some stomach pains, so she didn’t end up joining for this part of our tour, sadly. We made our way through some beautiful little city streets, stopping for gelato on our way. I had a mixture of cheesecake and lemon cake for mine, and it was to die for. After gelato came a stop for sangria, which was also amazing. (See? Seville redeemed herself in the food department pretty quick.)

Once we were a little tipsy off our sangria, we headed down to the river to kill a little time before our dinner reservations. We were going to be having paella, so we needed to be hungry. Paella is a Spanish dish that consists of a wide pan filled with rice, some sort of meat or veggies, and lots of spices. I split a seafood paella with my other roommate, Sarah, and we ate so much we ended up with stomachaches.


Luckily for us, our stomach pains were nothing compared to those Jess was having. During dinner, we got a message from her that said our tour director would be calling a doctor to our hotel, because her pain was so intense, and had lasted over 24 hours. While a bunch of people in our group went out for the night, Sarah and I headed back to the hotel to be with Jess while the Spanish doctor assessed her. After a simple examination and a steroid shot in the ass, the doctor informed us that it was most likely one of two things. A) It was just gas, in which case the shot she gave should take care of the pain in the next few hours, or B) appendicitis. With that news, we tried to get some sleep to see whether the pain would subside, or if we’d have to take Jess into a Spanish hospital.

June 27th

Sadly, in the morning the pain was not much better, so our tour director took Jess in for some further tests. This left the rest of us with a local guide, trying to enjoy our day despite our worries about Jess.

Our tour of the city began at la plaza españa-the Spanish square. This area was built for a fair commemorating the 500 year anniversary of Columbus’s journey to the Americas. The square was so beyond beautiful, it’s hard to even put it into words. Surrounding the square were little murals dedicated to each region of Spain. The center of the square had a little stream with beautiful bridges going over it, as well as a large fountain. I’ll just fill this post up with photos, because nothing I say can ever capture how gorgeous it really was.

After the Spanish square came Alcazar. To any of my fellow Game of Thrones fans, this is the location of Dorne. For the rest of the world, this is a palace where the royal family stays when they visit Seville. There’s strong Islamic influence in the architecture of this palace, and it’s not hard to see. Again, this place is so beautiful, I could never do it justice just by describing it.

The last stop of our historical tour was the cathedral. I’ve been to a decent number of massive cathedrals (ahem, Italy) but that couldn’t prepare me for how tiny I’d feel going in here. Once again, it was shockingly beautiful, with stained glass everywhere. One of the more interesting aspects of this cathedral is the tomb of Christopher Columbus (allegedly, as the Dominican Republic also claims to have a tomb containing his remains.) Once we explored the inside of the cathedral, we made the hike up the 34 stories of the bell tower. You can probably imagine how spectacular that view was.

On our way back to the hotel, we got word that Jess didn’t actually have appendicitis, but rather a severe case of gastritis. Thank goodness, because appendicitis would mean her trip would be ending. We met her back at the hotel after grabbing sandwiches along the way, then settled in for a quick siesta (nap). The sun doesn’t set until almost 10pm here, so taking a nap midday is almost necessary if you want to keep up with the locals.

Post-siesta, we got in our swimsuits and hopped into taxis to go to a pool party. The party was at a gorgeous club, made even more beautiful by the weather. It was about 90 degrees and perfectly sunny. The pool water was just cool enough to keep us from overheating, but not so cold that we couldn’t enjoy it. Along with our entrance to the party came a bottle of liquor to split amongst groups of four. My group ended up splitting amongst three, though, because Jess isn’t allowed to drink while on her stomach meds. We spent the rest of the day lounging in the sun, just a little tipsy.

The last stop of the night was for dinner, which wasn’t anything too exciting, just pizza from a little shop down the street from our hotel. After that it was off to bed, and despite how busy our day had been, I ended up waking up for around an hour at about 3am. Oh well, now I have time to sleep on the bus before we stop in Córdoba on our way to Granada.

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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  1. I absolutely love Plaza de España! It’s just as stunning in the evening with the sun going down, and then the fountain lights up…ahh I just love it! Sounds like you had a great time in Seville! 🙂

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