Travel Series: Algarve Coast

Since I’m a bit late on posting for my birthday, I’m just going to include both the 24th and 25th in one post.

June 24th

Wow, this country is stealing my heart more and more with each stop. We left Lisbon around 9 am to transfer to the coast. The bus ride was pretty uneventful, and I ended up sleeping for a good chunk of it. We made a pit stop along the way for lunch, which was absolutely phenomenal. It was at a little restaurant in the Portuguese country side, and the views almost overshadowed the delicious food. The unlimited wine was the start of a day full of drinking (what can I say? I’m legal here, and it was my birthday!!)


After lunch we hopped back on the bus to head down to our hotel, just outside Lagos. Our hotel was just a 10 minute walk from the beach, so once we got everything off the bus, we went straight for the beach. The water was really cold, but it was nice enough out that it didn’t bother us too much. The beach was surrounded by gorgeous cliffs on one side and the beautiful city on the other. I had no idea this place would be so beautiful! After some time at the beach, we headed back to the hotel to get changed and went into town for the night.

Coincidentally, my roommate (you know, the one from Louisiana?) was staying in a town nearby as well, so she came into town as well to spend the night partying with me! It’s been a little over a month since I last saw her, so I really couldn’t have been more excited. We shared a pitcher of sangria at one bar, and I am not exaggerating when I say it was the best sangria I’ve ever tasted. After the sangria, we got mojitos at a different bar, which were also spectacular. Even better, though, was being able to catch up with Hannah. I’m used to sharing a room with this girl so going without her is weird.

Once we got caught up, we headed to a bar with the rest of the tour group. Another girl on this trip had the same birthday as me, so we spent the night shouting about our birthday and taking shots together. I don’t 100% remember what time we ended up heading back to the hotel, but I know it was pretty late. Sadly, I didn’t end up getting all that much sleep, which isn’t surprising when I think back on the amount that I drank.

June 25th

Due to the partying the night before, I didn’t end up attending the excursion that was scheduled for today, but everyone came back extrememly sunburned and insisted that the water was freezing, so I don’t feel too bad about missing it. I slept for a decent chunk of the day, and then went into the small town where our hotel is located for supper. We had burgers and garlic mayo french fries, and they were honestly to die for. Best hangover cure, hands down.

After supper, my friend Jess and I walked down to the beach to watch the sunset. It was a little chillier tonight, so we didn’t stay much past the sun going down. Now, I’m just chilling and writing this before I head back to bed! We transfer to Seville tomorrow morning, so I can check another new country off my list. I can’t wait for all the food, views, and boys Spain has to offer (just kidding on that last one, Mama)

Oh, and I also just signed a lease on a new house in New Orleans, so no more worrying about that!!

One last thing, I’m about to add all of the rest of the photos from Lisbon Day 2, so check that out if you feel so inclined. 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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