I was all set to write my typical “end of semester” recap post. There’s been a whirlwind of events; my dad spend some time in the hospital, and then eloped, we had to put my cat down, and I made it through another finals season.

But then, I woke up at 6AM on Sunday to 6 inches of water in my new house.

For reference, we had just finished moving all of our stuff in around 9PM on Saturday night. Everything I owned at college was packed in boxes that were laying in the middle of the floor. So, we started rummaging through the boxes to get all of our valuables out, and left the house so our landlord could start pumping water out.

My roommate, Hannah, and her dad drove back into New Orleans despite having left not even 24 hours prior. We spent about 7 hours in a laundromat, washing what could be salvaged. Once we got through everything that could be saved, we packed everything into plastic storage totes (the kind that WON’T allow water in) and loaded everything into a Uhaul. We got everything into a storage unit (on the second floor, mind you) just in time to attend a concert at House of Blues. I bought tickets to see lovelytheband in concert a few months ago, and I was not about to let this flood ruin that too.

And now I’m back home, in Fargo for the summer, starting my job search. Now, please enjoy some photos of the flooding, since no one seems to believe how bad it was until we show photos. You can also see a video of how bad it was here.

I cannot begin to thank everyone who offered to help us throughout this fiasco. Here’s to hoping I never have to deal with flooding again!

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie


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