Middle Sister

I’ve been missing my sisters quite a bit lately, and I’ve been wanting to post a little more of the poetry that I wrote for creative writing last semester, so here goes nothing! Enjoy.

Middle sister

Hand-me-down clothes

and hand-me-down expectations

later handed down again

act your age


watch your sisters


be a role-model

no longer the baby

but not quite older

somewhere in the middle

middle sister

sometimes forgotten

yet always

surrounded by love

built-in support


best friends



the proud look of the older

the gleaming admiration of the younger

they will dry your tears

and coax your laughter

they are the mirrors

the keepers

the protectors

of my soul

middle sister

never alone

and always loved

I want to give a little back story, because I thought it was pretty funny, actually. I started this poem, and it was, to be completely honest, really emo. I thought I wanted something sad and deep, and that that was the only way to write poetry that’s worthwhile. As I started writing, though, I found that making this such a sad poem wasn’t true to my experience at all. Sure, I rag on being the middle child, but that’s who I am, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. My sisters are my best friends, so I couldn’t have a poem about them without including my deep, deep love for them.

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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