2019: Looking Forward

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute since I posted… getting back into the swing of school and working has been a little difficult, but I think I’m finally back on track! I already wrote my 2018 in Review post, but I wanted to also include a post about my excitement for the upcoming year, because, damn, is it a big one. So, I guess I’ll jump right into it!

Shortly before I left home for New Orleans, I found out that someone was buying my childhood home. This was a bit of a shock. My house has been on the market for quite some time now, but the fact that it’s all real now hit me rather hard. I realized that I won’t be going back to my childhood home–ever. Leaving there about two weeks ago, I was leaving for the last time. Overall, this is a positive thing, but it’s still pretty bittersweet to know I’m leaving the place of so many memories. Growing up in a funeral home was huge in shaping who I am as a person, and it will always be a part of who I am.

This semester is kind of a big one (and I know I’ve said that about every semester so far, but it’s still true!). I’m advancing pretty quickly with my communications major, and I’m starting a really cool community service class that’s giving me wonderful insight into the lives of previously incarcerated people. I’m also lucky enough to have a schedule that leaves my Fridays empty, meaning I’ll have more time to explore this amazing city I get to call home. This semester is also exciting because Mardi Gras is coming up, along with another awesome spring break trip to Florida with my roommates.

The general itinerary of my trip. Eep!

After the spring semester ends, I’ll be taking a trip up to Canada to see Twenty One Pilots (aka, my favorite band) in concert with my mom, sisters, and Danny. Shortly after that, I’ll be leaving the country yet again, this time for a 35-day trip to Europe. I’ll be travelling along the Mediterranean, starting in Portugal and making my way to Greece. This is an amazing opportunity for me, especially because while I’m going with a group, I don’t actually know anyone in the group, so essentially I’m taking this trip on my own. If you have any interest in financially supporting my endeavors on this trip, you can donate here 🙂 If not, I completely understand, just stay tuned and share my travel updates!

Right after I get back from my epic eurotrip, I’m heading up to Duluth for my sister’s bachelorette party, and then final wedding prep will be in full swing. Emily is getting married at the end of August, and I could not be more excited to welcome Danny into our family officially. Plus, the wedding itself should be quite the party!

After the wedding, I’ll be driving down to New Orleans with my roommates and we’ll be moving into our first house! Eek! We’re officially renting a house a few blocks from campus, and we’re roadtripping down for the fall semester, which should be a great experience. With the fall semester will come new classes and the application process for studying abroad.

Basically, at a glance, 2019 is looking like it’ll be a whirlwind in the best possible way.

Because I was so late in writing this post, I have a small story to tell about my first few weeks of 2019. Over the past weekend, my sister Emily came to visit with her friend Jessi. Spending the weekend with them was amazing, and I was able to try a ton of amazing New Orleans food with them. Unfortunately, on Monday, when I was leaving Emily to head back to campus, I dropped my purse getting into an uber. I made a few calls, but no luck. The purse was gone, along with all of my credit cards, my ID, and a few little sentimental items. I spent most of Monday making calls to replace everything, which was a big deal for me, because I hate making phone calls. Miraculously, though, on Wednesday, Emily called me and informed me that the hotel had found my wallet! I had already replaced most of my cards, but this meant I wouldn’t have to go through the process of replacing my Minnesota ID from Louisiana, and it restored my faith in humanity for 2019. If this is any indication, it should be a good year.

It’s going to be a big year, and I already have several ideas for posts in the upcoming weeks.

So, stay tuned for more updates!

xoxo, second sister suzie

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