Pura Vida Rep

One of the exciting things I have to share about this coming year is that I recently became a Pura Vida Rep! For those of you who don’t know, Pura Vida is a bracelet company that works with artisans around the world to create beautiful jewelry. These bracelets give many artisans a steady source of income in a positive working environment. Additionally, the company has a Charity Collection, which donates a portion of their profits to amazing causes. For the full background story, you can click here.

Being a representative means that I can have a hand in supporting these amazing causes, all while getting (and giving!) a sick discount. Simply use the code “COURTNEYZAHARIA20” and get a 20% discount on any purchase, and lend a bit of support to your favorite broke-college-student-blogger. Given the recurring theme on my blog, I’d like to recommend their Mental Health Awareness bracelet. It’s only $6 originally, and with my discount, it’s just under $5. You can find the bracelet here.


If the minimalist-friendship-bracelet-type isn’t quite your style, fear not, for they have an adorable collection of more traditionally jewelry, including a ton of wave-themed items (roll wave, my fellow tulanians). One of my personal favorite pieces is their Roam Ring. You can find that one here, and you can find their entire jewelry collection here.


Basically, I’m obsessed with this company, and I could not be more excited to officially be a rep. If any of this has interested you, check our their site and remember to use my code “COURTNEYZAHARIA20”!! I hope you find something that piques your interest 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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