Live Music Therapy

I don’t want to be misleading with the name of this post. I’m not talking about literal music therapy (though I find that infinitely intriguing). I’m talking about the fact that I’ve been having a rough time lately, but I’ve been able to see a lot of live music, and it feels very therapeutic to me. So, I wanted to share a little about all of the music I’ve been able to see lately, especially with Voodoo being this past weekend.

On October 10th, right before leaving for fall break, Hannah and I got to see Fall Out Boy in concert. With this, I’ve officially completed my emo-music-trifecta. I’ve seen Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy in concert, and my heart is so full because of it. I think the only thing left would be seeing All Time Low… Fall Out Boy was amazing though. I can’t believe Patrick Stump’s voice. It’s seriously spectacular.

Along with Fall Out Boy came two opening bands, State Champs, and Machine Gun Kelly. State Champs helped to reawaken my love of punk music. Check out their song Dead and Gone, if you haven’t heard it before. I’ve always been a casual fan of Machine Gun Kelly, but after seeing him live, I’m obsessed. I never imagined he’d be such a fun performer, but wow. This concert was exactly the break I needed right before fall break officially began.

Next on the list of my month of live music came Voodoo. I’ll be completely honest, my Voodoo experience last year was amazing, so it was tough for this year to live up to that legacy. I knew less of the bands on the lineup, and I cared less about the ones that I did know. However, I still had a great experience. Friday night’s highlight was definitely Mumford and Sons. While they weren’t necessarily the most exciting, per say, they were definitely the most impressive. Their musical talent was genuinely amazing.

Saturday’s hightlight was probably ODEZSA. They had genuine musical talent (shown especially through their drumline) and were extremely exciting. Travis Scott, Saturday’s headliner, was fun, but he’s not the type of music I typically listen to, and I still would’ve preferred Childish Gambino.

Sunday was by far my favorite day. We made our way to the festival earlier than any of the other days, so we were able to see more artists. I dressed up as Patrick Star from the end of the Spongebob Movie, which was kind of hilarious, and we were able to eat a little more of the amazing food that Voodoo had to offer. As far as music goes, I was able to see Judah and the Lion, AJR, 21 Savage (who was pretty awful, if we’re being honest), and Arctic Monkeys. Arctic Monkeys were fun for a little while, but we ended up leaving a little early because we were exhausted. Judah and the Lion had so much energy that it was impossible to leave the show without a smile on your face. My favorite was probably AJR, but I was also the biggest fan of them to begin with. Overall, Voodoo was pretty amazing. Not quite as good as last year, but it’s hard to live up to catching a drumstick from The Killers.

And now tonight, to finish off my month of music, I’m seeing Ed Sheeran with my suite. My suitemate Gabby is absolutely obsessed with him, and we found cheap tickets, so we decided why not? I saw him in concert way back in 2013 (how was this 5 years ago already?) when he opened for Taylor Swift, but he’s put out quite a bit of music since then, so I’m excited to see what he has in store for us.

What about you? Have you seen any good music live lately? Let me know in the comments!

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