Twins Take Fargo

From Sunday June 10th until Friday the 15th, my twin younger sisters visited Emily and I up in Fargo. It was amazing to have all four Zaharia sisters back together for the week. During the week, the twins attended DigiGirlz, a camp for teenage girls at Microsoft in Fargo. My older sister, who works at Microsoft, was able to work as a group leader at the camp. They had the opportunity to work with women who are involved in STEM at Microsoft, as well as hearing from some amazing speakers. Through my older sister, they were able to get a glimpse of what goes into the design of all things tech. I may not have continued my path toward a career in STEM, but I still realize just how important it is for young girls like my sisters to have role models that show them that their dreams of a career in tech are so attainable.

One speaker spoke about working as a coder while being a pastry chef on the side. My youngest sister has found herself to be fascinated with code, but she also has a passion for baking. She’s also a complete natural at both; it would be a shame to have to choose only one. Through this program, she was able to see that she doesn’t necessarily need to choose. There are so many women out there who do both, so why can’t she be one of them?

My other sister (the older-by-one-minute twin) realized that she may have a passion for biomedical engineering. She has an incredibly nurturing personality, so going into a field where she can help people is extremely important to her. She’s been in a bit of a slump lately, but after learning a little more about this field, she seems to have found her groove.

It’s amazing to see just how much of a difference these sorts of programs make. Young girls often don’t realize that they are deserving of every opportunity in the world, and that they are completely capable of achieving these things. Having the opportunity to see these women that once stood in their shoes–unsure whether they could infiltrate these traditionally male dominated fields–and realize just how much they’ve been able to accomplish is a huge boost for these girls.

A few weeks ago, my younger sisters took on Fargo, and in a few years, I’ll get to see them take on the world.

Stay tuned for more updates!

xoxo, second sister suzie

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