Goodbye, Freshman Year

On May 1st, I had my official last day of classes before entering into the hell that was finals week. I had three final exams and three final papers that just about melted my brain. Luckily, my mom came down to New Orleans to help me pack everything up for the summer, otherwise there is absolutely no way I would’ve gotten everything together in time. I packed my entire life into five boxes and four suitcases, sent the boxes off to storage, and said some of the hardest goodbyes of my life. It’s only for three months, but I’m already missing my best friends.

While it sucks to be away from them and my favorite city, it has been pretty great to be back with my family. I had a few peaceful days at home, and I finally got to watch a track meet, before packing everything up yet again and heading up to Fargo, where I’ll be for the summer. I’m staying with my aunt Julie and spending a ton of time at my sister’s apartment. To be honest, I’m currently a little bored. I’m still working on getting a job, and I can’t lay out and tan because — surprise!! — I got a tattoo! (I’ll upload another post with pictures and a little backstory on the tattoo tomorrow)

Last night I went to a “The Used” concert with Danny, my sister’s boyfriend, which was SO much fun. I never really listened to their music, but I love the atmosphere of concerts, and live music in general, so it was pretty awesome. I’m gonna be seeing Panic at the Disco later this summer, and I can’t wait. Tonight I’m just hanging out with my sister and Danny, watching Deadpool (I’ve never seen it, but so far I love it).

Hopefully within the next week I’ll be able to post an update about a new job (fingers crossed everyone!) and if my days stay slow, hopefully I’ll at least be able to post another short story soon.

Stay tuned for more updates!

xoxo, second sister suzie

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