6 Ways to Procrastinate Studying for Finals

So, it’s finally finals week, and despite the fact that I have not yet had an official final, my brain is just a little dead. I’ve been writing papers for about three days straight. I need a break to write something that is not academic. So here I am! Here are my favorite ways to procrastinate studying, enjoy!

1. Make a GREAT Spotify playlist

…even though you already have about 14 playlists to choose from. I’m serious, this playlist is throwback gold, and sure to put you in a good mood. Here’s the link, if you’re interested in checking it out, it’s called good vibes.

2. Go workout, like you’ve been meaning to do for ages

The amount of running that I’ve done in the past week is almost ridiculous. I generally enjoy running, but it’s as though my body is suddenly obsessed with it, just because I’m supposed to be doing a million other things.

3. Start cleaning up your dorm

See, this is what I like to call productive procrastination. This genuinely needs to be done. I need to be ready to move across the country in less than a week. Should I be prioritizing it above actually studying for my finals? Minor details…

4. Write a strongly worded email to a swimsuit company…

…about the swimsuit that you ordered at the beginning of March in hopes that it would arrive for spring break that still has yet to come in the mail. Wait, this isn’t a common issue? This is just a “me” thing? My bad.

5. Write a blog post about procrastinating for finals

Hey, at least I’m honest. I acknowledge that I probably shouldn’t be doing this right now. But it’s just so fun! And I need something to keep me from going completely crazy! I can’t look at study guides and paper outlines forever!

6. Read a blog post about procrastinating for finals

What, you thought I’d call myself out and not call you out too? I know there’s gotta be at least a few of you that are reading this solely for the purpose of avoiding your other work. I support you! You deserve a little break!

Okay, that’s all for now. To all of my fellow college students, go out and kill it on your exams. I know you’ll rock it. Let me know your favorite methods of procrastination. I guess I’ll go back to studying. *eye roll*

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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