Finals Season

I swore I was going to be better about posting more consistently. But, here I am, over two weeks since my last post, trying to find something, anything, to blog about. Finals are approaching faster than I can handle, and I’m way too busy to do anything interesting. So, I apologize, yet again, for being rather inactive. I just want to be sure that the things I am writing are worth while, not just for my sake, but for yours as well.

I want to say thank you for bearing with me and realizing that while in school my posts are stuck coming at sporadic intervals. Hopefully over the summer I will be able to find a better routine, but for now it will remain random. I’m endlessly grateful for my readers and for your patience with me.

I suppose the most interesting part of my life at the moment is that I am officially moving to Fargo, North Dakota, for the summer! I finally made my schedule for the upcoming fall semester, and I’m super excited to say that I will be taking creative writing, along with plenty of generals to get going on my major (19 credits, about to kick my ass). Hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to post the short story that I’ve been working on (if I can finally finish it, fingers crossed), and if I can work out some kinks in editing, I will also be posting one of my favorite stories that I’ve written.

Thank you all so much for dealing with my messy, beautiful life. With finals coming up I may remain pretty spotty on posting, but I swear I’m doing my best! If you haven’t noticed, check out the new URL, check out my latest Crescent article, and stay tuned for more updates!

xoxo, second sister suzie

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