Sister Bonding in the Crescent City pt. 2

Last Saturday (the 17th) I was blessed with the arrival of ALL THREE sisters here in New Orleans. For four whole days, I was able to spend some much-needed time with my favorite people. I was also finally able to fully introduce my suite to my little sisters (everyone was super shy during move in, so it didn’t really count). This also meant having five of us — yes, five — in my dorm room. AKA seven girls sharing one bathroom. I’m so thankful for such an understanding and accommodating suite. Special shout-out to Hannah for letting us Zaharias take over the room for a few days. Despite the chaos it caused, it was an amazing extended weekend.

Having tourist sisters here meant that I was able to shamelessly join in the tourist activities. I’ve explored the city quite a bit since moving down here, but there’s always more to see, and that was only reinforced. We ate at some fantastic restaurants in the French Quarter, explored Lafayette Cemetery no. 1, and visited the house featured in American Horror Story: Coven (again). We also fulfilled Emily’s bucket-list item of going on a plantation tour. It was incredibly interesting and informative, and the grounds were even more beautiful than I imagined. My favorite was probably exploring the cemetery, though. I guess at heart I’ll always be a funeral director’s daughter.

Back at the dorms, we found time for Johnnie to do some baking, Gracie got to meet the cats that live outside my dorm, and I introduced the sisters to almost everyone I know here at school. I really just wanted everyone to see how amazing my sisters are. I’m so glad that my little sisters’ first flight without my mom was to come see me, and I hope that they can come to visit again during my four years here. I swear I’m not exaggerating when I say I miss them terribly already.

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

2 thoughts on “Sister Bonding in the Crescent City pt. 2

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  1. You guys and your dead and haunting! Just like the hotel in Estes park! Maybe a trip across the country to view all of the BIG haunted places in each state! Life goal U.S. road trip!!!!

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  2. I am so excited (and very jealous!) that you got to spend time with your sisters and enjoying your new city! NOLA looks amazing! I guess I will just have to continue living vicariously through you until I can get there myself! 🙂

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