One of Those Days

You know the ones. The ones where you drop an entire pan of muffins at work, spill your coffee, cut your hand open, forget to finish your homework on time, your contact rips in half on your eye and you lose half of the contact in your eye socket for a day… Okay, maybe the last one only happens to me. Yes, all of these things happened while I was working the other day. In fact, this entire week has felt like “one of those days.”

I’m not writing this so I can get your sympathy or anything like that. I simply wanted to get all of this off of my chest. It has been a rough week, and I’m sure all of you can relate. We all know the feeling of simply being exhausted by our everyday lives. To anyone else that has had one of those days — or weeks — I feel your pain. You are allowed to be upset over your bad day, but don’t wallow (like I’ve been doing most of this week… oops). Tonight it’s time for a little self-love; let yourself regroup. Take a deep breath, meditate, go for a run, read your favorite book, whatever you need to do to decompress. And tomorrow, we’ll try again for a better day.

Stay tuned for more updates,

xoxo, second sister suzie

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