Winter is Coming…

Okay, so for all of my northern friends, it’s already here. It’s been here for a while. I got a taste of the bitter Minnesota cold that I did NOT miss while I was home for break. Here in New Orleans, though, winter is a foreign concept. So when snow hit the forecast on Tuesday night, most (all) of the city was thrown into a complete panic. The temperature got down to about 22 degrees at its coldest, and there was an extremely fine layer of snow on the ground. This lead to campus shutting down. Our second day of school for the semester, classes were all canceled.

This was just such a bizarre concept to me as a native Minnesotan. For most of my time at home, the windchill was around -30. The grass here is still green, the trees still have leaves, but because of this light dusting of snow, everything was closed! Imagine my surprise when we got the notification that classes would be canceled again on Wednesday. It was around 40 degrees and sunny most of the day, but because of the small amount of ice, things were shut down. It’s honestly shocking just how woefully unprepared the south is to deal with any wintery weather. Really, one single salt truck could’ve avoided most of this mess, but that’s simply not something they have down here.

The past two days have been great for relaxation, although there wasn’t much of a need for the relaxation. Getting back into the swing of classes may be even harder than I originally thought it would be after this mid-week hiatus.

I will give it New Orleanians. Y’all can deal with insane amounts of rain, and heat that most of us northerners wouldn’t even be able to imagine. But when it comes to winter, we’ve got you beat, no contest. I’m definitely not complaining about the extra time off, but as a concept, it’s completely mind-boggling to me and every other northerner here at Tulane.

I can’t wait to see how the rest of winter goes, stay tuned for more updates!

xoxo, second sister suzie

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