Today, October 20th, is National Day on Writing, and to celebrate, many social media sites are encouraging writers to use the tag #WhyIWrite. I figured that, especially with my recent switch back to writing as a major, I should join in this trend. If you’re a writer, respond to this post with your own #WhyIWrite!

It’s always been a little strange for me to say exactly why I write, maybe because I couldn’t imagine not writing. Writing has never been a question, so the reason behind it has never come up. From the time I was seven years old, I’ve been writing stories, and it’s become an integral part of who I am as a person. I’ve used writing as a coping mechanism through difficult times in my life; it’s a way for me to clear my head. I’ve used writing as an outlet for my emotions, both positive and negative. I’ve used writing as a means of escaping the real world, creating a place all my own. I’ve used writing as a way to have my voice heard; if it wasn’t for writing on this blog, most of you would never have heard some of these things about me. Writing is something I’m passionate about, something that makes me who I am.

Being asked, “Why do you write?” is always a difficult question to answer, because to me, that’s like asking “Why do you eat?” or “Why do you breathe?” I do it because I need to, because it is necessary to my survival. To go without writing has simply never been a choice, and that is #WhyIWrite.

Stay tuned for more updates.

xoxo, second sister suzie

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