The Kindness of a Stranger

The rest of my trip to Fort Worth was absolutely amazing. I got to do some shopping, go to a haunted house, try out a cupcake ATM, and get a taste of Torchy’s Tacos, a Texas staple. I was able to Skype with my other cousin, Karlee, who currently lives in Dubai, who I haven’t talked to in months. Best of all was going to the Dallas Stars game, though maybe not for reasons you would expect.

First of all, you should know that I’ve never been to a professional hockey game. I don’t really follow the sport, and I don’t even fully understand the rules. Ashlee, her fiance, and I made plans to go to the game simply because it was something different for us to do. In fact, we almost didn’t end up going. We were looking for cheap, nosebleed tickets, because none of us are that interested in hockey, but found that everything under $70 was already sold out. We were about to leave, when a worker turned around and handed us three tickets, simply saying “go have fun”. We asked if she was sure, and she just told us to pay it forward when we get the chance. After thanking her profusely, we went into the arena, sat in our AMAZING seats, and realized that we’re all pretty big hockey fans after all.

That worker’s act of kindness reminded me that there is still good in the world, even when so much is looking grim. I’m still so touched by her generosity, and I’m looking forward to my opportunity to pass this happiness onto someone else. To anyone that is doubting humanity, know that there is still hope all around if you’re willing to look. You just might find it in some unexpected places.

Stay tuned for more updates!

xoxo, second sister suzie

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